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The specific steps of the implementation of SPC are very clear and are divided into the following three steps:
The first step: collecting data and drawing.
The second step: set the control limit, identify the special reasons and take measures.
The third step: analysis and improvement, determine the size of the common cause difference, and take measures to reduce the difference.
In view of the above SPC theory thinking logic and the implementation steps, then think about what to do with the implementation of SPC.
SPC is a statistical method is used to control the process, enterprises in the implementation of SPC before, to review the quality management system is perfect, whether there is a good habit to work. This is the need for the management environment implemented by SPC.
Quality technology level:
1. personnel training, quality related personnel have SPC concept and awareness.
2. key control points are identified, and what quality characteristics or process parameters need to be controlled, which are the products or processes.
3. the measurement method is formulated and the suitable measuring instrument is selected, and the measurement system is correctly evaluated.
4. make a reasonable sampling plan and standardize the relevant information into the inspection plan.
5. make a preliminary response plan.
Quality management level:
The quality management system of the 1. standard is a powerful guarantee for the implementation of SPC.
2. emphasize the participation of all members.
3. appropriate manpower and material resources are equipped.
Editors of Countermeasures
The above mentioned problems highlight the importance of process control, and also indicate that effective process control is a necessary means to ensure product quality. Next, we will discuss how to carry out effective process quality control from several aspects.
First, the overall quality awareness of education and training. Small and medium-sized enterprises have low quality of production operators. The workers who recruit are mostly migrant workers rather than real technology workers. Their minds are "weak in quality". Therefore, in order to improve the quality of the product, we should begin with the improvement of the "quality consciousness" of the employees.
Two. Strictly implement the process regulations. The production and processing of the products must be strictly enforced and produced according to the requirements of the process. Because manufacturing process is a direct process of product formation, the quality of products directly depends on effective control of process. Any part of negligence may lead to product failure. In addition, it is necessary to improve the operating skills of the production operators while in strict accordance with the production requirements of the process.

  • Standard:ISO9001:2008


    Issue Date:2007-06-07

    Expiry Date:2020-06-07

    Scope/Range:Producing and saling plastic package products

    Issued By:World Standards For Certification Center Inc.

  • Standard:ISO14001:2004


    Issue Date:2015-08-24

    Expiry Date:2020-01-24



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