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Pink Metallic Bubble Mailers 120x165 #FD-MO

Pink Metallic Bubble Mailers 120x165 #FD-MO

Large Image :  Pink Metallic Bubble Mailers 120x165 #FD-MO

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: bubble mailer bag
Certification: IECC ISO9001/14001
Model Number: 054

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5000
Price: USD 0.01~0.25 PCS
Packaging Details: Carton box
Delivery Time: 5~10 Days
Supply Ability: 100000 PCS PER DAY
Detailed Product Description
Optional Materials: Aluminum Foil Outside Materials: VMPET
Basic Color: Silver Bubble Diameter: 9mm
Bubble Height: 4mm Application: Gift
Bag Style: Self Sealing

Pink Metallic Bubble Mailers 120x165 #FD-MO


Bubble bag type / aluminum film bubble bag for aluminum coating
Type of bubble bag for aluminized film
1. The bubble bag of gold plated aluminum film can be divided into gold plated aluminum film and yellow aluminum film bubble bag

2. The silver plated aluminum film is combined with the bubble bag and the color of the aluminum plating itself

3. Composite bubble bag with blue aluminum coating
The common quality problems and solutions are as follows: aluminum surface 1, film reason: Brown Stripe low vacuum solution: clean the vacuum chamber, feeding aluminum deposition device, cooling system, unwinding, coiling device and guide roller; check the vacuum system; reduce environmental humidity. 2. The film releases gas. Solution: thin film pre drying; lengthening the vacuum time. (3) excessive spray of aluminum. The solution is to improve the speed of the car, reduce the evaporation boat current and reduce the speed of aluminum delivery. (4) there are impurities in the evaporation boat. Solution: the clean evaporation boat and the heat shield board. Evaporation boat aging. The solution: replace the evaporation boat.
Brief Introduction
Metallic bubble mailers
Product description:
Metallic bubble mailers is made of low density polyethylene (LDPE). The features of low cost, large volume, good waterproof performance. Usually we receive the courier package, the package outside the black or gray bag is the courier bag. LDPE film flexibility, are not easy to be torn, comparison of bright color printing, many logistics companies in order to achieve the effect of publicity will custom printed graphic courier bags. Express bag also has anti theft special self-adhesive tape, the self-adhesive posts with a one-time, non recovery characteristics and prevent the parcel before delivery to the recipient is opened without authorization, using a very simple and convenient.
Product principle:
Metallic bubble mailers has self-adhesive tape, using a special glue, as long as mouth closed, then open it will damage opening or a mark was opened, which is prevention in parcel transport process is stolen. At the same time the bag is closed, the sealing property is good, effectively waterproof, sunscreen.
The 1 layer is made of pure low density polyethylene film.
Making method:
Metallic bubble mailers use high quality low density polyethylene material by blow molding equipment to produce Poly film, then composite with self-adhesive tapes. Finally, making equipment produce finished bag.
Production process:
The blow molding process, composite process, bag making process
Product parameters:
Thickness of 11 wire size can be customized
1 light weight, large volume.
2 strong flexibility, not easy to be torn
3 self adhesive tape, security and security open
4 waterproof, sunscreen
Express bag, mailing bag, Bao Guodai
Data Sheet
Materials Classification : AL
Melting Point : 660℃
Working Temperature : -180~240℃
Material Density : 2.7g/cm³
Conventional Size : 120x165 #FD-MO-
Sample Color : Tan
Basic Material : Aluminum Foil
Protruding Characteristics : Security
Application Industry : Office
Shape Style : Drawstring
Related Picture
Materials introduction
Aluminum is a silvery white light metal. Ductility. The products are usually columnar, rod, flake, foil, powder, ribbon and filiform. A layer of oxide film to prevent metal corrosion can be formed in humid air. The acid treated aluminum powder heated in the air can burn violently and emit a dazzling white flame. Soluble in dilute sulfuric acid, dilute nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide solution, insoluble in water, but can react with hot water slowly to produce aluminum hydroxide, the relative density of 2.70, elastic modulus 70Gpa, Poisson's ratio 0.33. Melting point 660. Boiling point 2327. It is widely used for its light, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity and oxidation resistance. Do the daily dish aluminum is usually called "steel" or "steel". The thermal expansion coefficient of Al at (25) Shi Wen is 0.0000236mm/ C or 23.6ppm*k-1.

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